Sunday, January 6, 2019

September, October,....December. Wait what happened to November?

November came and went and apparently I missed it. Our class has been so busy that it flew by and we are now approaching our December Christmas break. Let me try and recap what has been going on in our classroom.

In math we have been busy learning how to compose and decompose numbers - or adding and subtracting! The students are amazed when they realize that by finding a missing part they are really subtracting and when they can put two numbers (parts) together to make a whole they are adding.

Patterning has also been a big part of both November and December. The class learned what a pattern was (something that repeats) and they learned how to find the core (the part of the pattern that is doing the repeating). Once we learned what a pattern was, we were able to give it a pattern rule so that we could create the pattern ourselves (AB, AAB, ABC...) They also discovered that patterns have attributes, things that make them a more complicated pattern, for example, varying shapes, colours, sizes, texture, and direction.

Check out some of the patterns the students have been creating in class:

In language, we have been meeting as small groups, working on reading and comprehension and on their own, students have been completing activities such as reading to self, working on writing, and work work. In completing these activities students are becoming independent learners and expert problem solvers!

Check us out!

This month we also teamed up with Mr. Mackenzie's 4th & 5th grade class and learned how to code! It was an amazing experience and we hope to continue this teaming next year! Thanks Mr. Mackenzie and thank you to your awesome class for being fantastic leaders to our grade 1 students.


In science we were completing our structures project, but we also had an opportunity to work hands-on in a science in schools workshop. An awesome instructor from science in schools came and worked with the grade one students and together we learned about Energy in Our Lives. We will be continuing this topic in the New Year! We also had some fantastic volunteers come to help out, including our own Miss Kendra. Thanks so much Miss Kendra, and our two Immaculata Volunteers and to Geoff (my awesome husband, who loves coming in and teaching about the Earth - he's a geologist!).

Wow, these past couple of months have been filled with so much excitement! And there is so much more to come in the new year! I am looking forward to reporting on all of our next adventures in grade 1!

See you all next year!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

October is Here and some Turkeys Flew By...


Yes, my September post and my beginning October post are back-to-back, but I needed to send an October message and preview the beautiful Turkeys and messages about being Thankful that this amazing class of mine just completed.

Such sweeties!

In the coming month we will be continuing our daily routines and adding some new ones.

In language, I will be starting to send home good-fit books as part of their homework. We will continue to get new words on a weekly basis and start writing sentences with those words. We will also work on our calendar words and learning the nuances of specialty words in other subjects, for example, before and after when counting. Language is such an important part of every subject, so it filters into all areas of our learning!

We will continue to work on our math counting activities as well as moving into learning various strategies for addition and subtraction, including partner numbers, counting on, doubles, and doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1.

Our science unit will continue and I'll be sending home a request for some left-over household items this week so we can build some structures! I can't wait to share what they are doing, science is one of my favourite areas to teach, as all students find joy in most or all parts of science learning.

Look for a mid-month post from me for updates and news.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...blessings to you all.