Saturday, October 6, 2018

October is Here and some Turkeys Flew By...


Yes, my September post and my beginning October post are back-to-back, but I needed to send an October message and preview the beautiful Turkeys and messages about being Thankful that this amazing class of mine just completed.

Such sweeties!

In the coming month we will be continuing our daily routines and adding some new ones.

In language, I will be starting to send home good-fit books as part of their homework. We will continue to get new words on a weekly basis and start writing sentences with those words. We will also work on our calendar words and learning the nuances of specialty words in other subjects, for example, before and after when counting. Language is such an important part of every subject, so it filters into all areas of our learning!

We will continue to work on our math counting activities as well as moving into learning various strategies for addition and subtraction, including partner numbers, counting on, doubles, and doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1.

Our science unit will continue and I'll be sending home a request for some left-over household items this week so we can build some structures! I can't wait to share what they are doing, science is one of my favourite areas to teach, as all students find joy in most or all parts of science learning.

Look for a mid-month post from me for updates and news.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...blessings to you all.

September has Come and Gone.....

I can't believe that it is October! We have been so busy in September that we hardly noticed the time flying by. I have had so much fun getting to know all of my first graders. We have learned so much together already.

This first month we worked on our daily routines, becoming more independent completing them as time passed. I must say that our class has come a long way, not only are most students following our routines without reminders, but those few that may forget every now and again, get kind reminders from their classmates. We are really creating a wonderful classroom community 💖.

We have been starting our days with our morning greeting, learning each other's names and practicing mindful breathing. Mindful breathing has helped our class get ready for a calm day filled with joy. Recently, we have been ending our day with more mindful breathing so they can come home and have a calm evening with family. I am also encouraging students to take a moment and practice their breathing when/if they feel overwhelmed or frustrated, this allows them a moment to get rid of any anxiety or frustration and continue their activity in peace and harmony.

In math, we have been learning how to count out loud from 1 to 20 and then backwards from 20 to 1. We also have been counting to 50 and some have even taken a risk and tried to get to 100. Feel free to practice counting at home! We have been learning one-to-one correlation with counting. This activity allows students to count our cubes and understand the relationship between numbers and objects. We have also been learning number partners. I have given students a number, for example 5, and asked them to tell me what the partners of 5 would be and they have done a great job - addition is coming along quite nicely for many students! We have also looked at what patterns are and students had a chance to use the linking manipulatives to show me some of their patterns. 

Check out these patterns...

In Language, as you know, we have been learning new words weekly and those words are used in our Daily 3 activities...practice makes readers!

We have also been learning reading strategies in our Shared Reading activities on Mondays. We have been learning how to complete our Daily 3 activities, which include Read to Self, Word Work, and Work on Writing. The class has done a great job of learning how to transition from one activity to another with few reminders and I have been able to begin my small group lessons at this time. 

Look at these amazing students practicing their Daily 3...

We began our science by learning how to work together in teams and go through the scientific method to solve a problem...and we Saved Fred!

As we continue our science we are currently studying Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures. We are learning the difference between man-made structures and structures made in nature. Recently, the class did a classroom scavenger hunt finding pictures of man-made structures and nature-made structures and recording their results. They had a great time working in teams and moving about the classroom.

Wow, with all that working sometimes we need a brain break and this class is awesome at brain break activities and earning our class new monsters from Gonoodle...check out their dance moves.

We have also been learning about how to be Good Samaritans, especially when it comes to thinking about using our technology appropriately and responsibly. We will be starting to use our iPads during language for Daily 3 and during math for additional guided practice. 

Wow September was so busy...and this was a long post! I also have a twitter account and I am encouraging all parents to follow me on twitter. I will start posting quick updates there throughout the year, but I will also post here a few times a month to keep you updated. 

Thanks so much for sending your children to me, they truly are a wonderful and they make me smile everyday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Getting Started

Hello Parents,

I have created this blog to share all of the wonderful and exciting things your children are doing in our class this school year. The year has started off in a hurry and we are in our third week of grade 1 already! Over the past few weeks we have been developing our classroom expectations and practicing our regular routines. The class has really come a long way since the first day.

Along with this blog I also use the students' agenda to regularly communicate with you all. I do check their agenda's each day and look for your initials. We don't always have communication, but I would like to see the students being responsible and taking out their agenda's for you to look at and sign regularly. I will also send home important notes, either written in their agenda and/or placed in the front pocket of their agenda. If you need to get in touch with me, feel free to write me a note in the agenda. We can communicate through there or I can set up a time to meet face-to-face or by phone!

I'll also be tweeting our daily happenings and they will be linked to the blog!

Have a wonderful day and keep in touch!

Ms. Santo